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Urban Floral Farmlet 

Bringing fresh seasonal cottage flowers to local flower lovers. 

About us

As the daughter of a horticulturalist and a florist it was inevitable I would find my way to a flower farm at some point.  


It was putting together wedding flowers for a friend in 2019 that reawakened my interest in flowers and rekindled the wonderful creativity that goes into growing, curating and sharing them with others for me.  I had a vision to include dreamy nostalgic cottage flowers in the wedding bouquets but found them difficult to find.  In the end I outsourced the wedding flowers but resolved to grow my own cottage flowers from there on in...





The Urban Floral Farmlet is a small family business with a variety of helpers - friends, mentors, dads, daughters and four-legged 'supervisors', who pitch in to support us.



Want to learn more about our Tulip Subscriptions? Click here to send us your email and we'll get all of the details straight back to you.



The Urban Floral Farmlet team will be coming soon to a farmer's market near you.  Watch this space for more details.

Follow us!

Follow my new adventure as a flower farmer and small business owner growing seasonal cottage garden flowers for local flower lovers on Instagram and Facebook.

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